Gabicce Mare

Gabicce Mare is the first town in the northernmost Marche region and bordering upon the Romagna region.

It is definitively a quiet, very friendly and charming little town.

Come and you will discover a different and man-made resort, with a social life but, at the same time, far from traffic and chaos allowing you to spend relaxing holidays.

The town is always well ventilated thanks to the nearby hill of the San Bartolo Park that guarantees an excellent and enviable quality of the air.

The beauty of the landscape is envied as well because it is one of the few seaside resorts able to offer at the same time a large sandy and equipped beach and a lovely view of the nearby hills with the possibility to visit them on foot or by bike. A really unusual landscape for the Adria Cost.

We must not lose sight of the fact that 22 Blu Flags have been granted to Gabicce Mare in the past years. The European Blue Flag is a seal of quality that is awarded thanks to the natural features of the territory and to a correct management of the environment. This award has been bestowed for life quality of the people and tourists who choose Gabicce Mare as their destination for their holidays.

Gabicce Mare offers you organization, fun, many shops that will be open during your evening walks, well-being for the whole family and especially for your kids.